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Terme di Vulci Regulations

Art. 1 – The Terme di Vulci’s opening hours to the public are from 10am to Sunset.

Users are required to leave the pools half an hour before closing.

Access may be temporarily suspended for technical, safety, weather and crowding reasons. The right to suspend access is left to the unquestionable judgment of Terme di Vulci Management.

Art. 2 – It is highly recommended to let an interval of at least three hours elapse between eating a meal and entering the pools, and not to stay inside the pools for a continuous period of more than 20 minutes. To access the swimming pool area it is mandatory to wear a swimsuit and rubber slippers or wooden clogs. Children under the age of 3 must wear the appropriate containment swimwear for swimming pools.

Art. 3 – Entry is not allowed:

– to people who are drunk due to consuming alcohol or other products that alter mental states.

– to people with verrucae, skin diseases, infectious or otherwise communicable diseases, injuries, wounds or infirmities that are incompatible with the use of swimming pools. Children under the age of 12 cannot access the pools unless accompanied by adults who take responsibility for them.

Art. 4 – It is forbidden to dive, push, jump in the water, run on the edge of the pools and free dive. It is also forbidden to bring glass, ceramic or other objects that could be dangerous inside the pools.

Art. 5 – Users are required to:

– dress and undress in the appropriate changing rooms;

– take a thorough shower before entering the pools;

– refrain from behaviour that disturbs the quiet of the place or causes harassment or disturbance to other users;

– avoid arguments with the service staff;

– not use soaps, detergents, medicinal substances or any other kind of substances that could alter the chemical composition of the water in the swimming pools;

– not cause offense to decorum or morals by wearing unsuitable clothing;

– not use flippers, paddles, masks, respirators, diving equipment or similar;

– not play games in the water which, creating confusion, prevent the surveillance of bathers;

– keep the bracelet delivered at the entrance for access to Terme di Vulci throughout their stay;

– keep safely and then return the key to the locker room to the service staff

It is also forbidden, in all areas, to have picnics, abandon waste (which must be placed in the appropriate containers) and uproot flowers or damage plants and trees.

Any culprits will be warned by the surveillance staff and in case they persist in the violation of the aforementioned provisions they may be removed from the Spa, and their card may also be revoked.

Art. 6 – Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the changing rooms or toilets of the swimming pools and in designated “non-smoking” areas in compliance with art. 51 of Law no. 3 of 16.01.2003 and subsequent amendments.

Art. 7 – For hygiene reasons, it is forbidden to consume food and drinks in the swimming pools, in the areas adjacent to the swimming pools and in the relaxation areas. The consumption of food and beverages is allowed in the designated areas, adjacent to the bar. It is forbidden to bring in food and drinks from outside. For special dietary requirements, contact the Management.

Art. 8 – In case of bad weather or imminent danger it is compulsory to leave the swimming pools under the request of the service staff.

Art. 9 – The badges are valid for one year from the date of first entry, at the conditions published from time to time by the Management, on the basis of the pricelist in force at the time of issue.

Art. 10 – The Management is not liable for damage due to theft, destruction and deterioration of property (money, securities, valuables, clothing, etc.) brought into the Spa or deposited in the lockers. For money, documents and valuables suitable mini safes are available.

Art. 11 – The Management also declines any responsibility for accidents or damage (to persons and/or property) occurring inside the Spa caused by the imprudence of users.

Art. 12 – Users will have to reimburse the Management should they lose the locker room key (€10) or break the locker (€100). For other damages, compensation will be due in relation to the cost necessary for the repair.

These Regulations must be observed by all users.

The Management